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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Celebration anrd Appreciation

Pre flection-

My example of celebreation and appreciation is the senior class graduation. Not only does it show the appreciation of the graduates, because of their choice to graduate at PSEC insteaad of their home school, and they also have volunteered to speak publicly about their experience. I think that public speaking (positively)about something is a token of appreciation. The exeperience of graduation is a celebration of graduating.


Christmas is my example of celebration and appreciation. On Christmas although you are supposed to be honoring christ, we honor our loved ones by showing our appreciation of them with presents. This holiday is a celebration to me because of the fact that is one of the most favorable holidays. With almost every holiday there comes a celebration, but the unique thing aboout this is that gifts are included.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


All my life I have been told that diversity applies to the amount a specific location has in the mixtures of minorities. So I atomatically thought of those tally sheets my geographic teachers would show me. On these tally sheets,there would be pecentages of the amount of people of different races in a specific location, for example one row would say 62% white, 32% asian, blatiy blah in the state of blackafornia.
These tally sheets to me represent diversity, because they show the amount of certain minorities in a specific location.

While in My arts of democracy class we discussed different types of diversity. Within this discussion we spoke of the possibility of it being more than just the color of your skin. Diversity can be your location, where you live, what foods you like, what school you went. These are just some of the possibilities of how to interpret diversity. In the class we covered the entire board. There were some heated discussion on wether it was valid or not who knows, an example of a heated discussion:white guy born in africa applies for an african american scholarship. Point is diversity is hard to explain and give an exact description, so in my opinion diversity is described differently from every individual. That is why I think that our disscusion is a perfect example of diversity.

Public Judgement

" The word judgement is a synononym for analysing someone from your perspective" - Chanel Simpson
Public Judgement is when a relatively close community stamps you with their opinions, wether the are good or not is another matter. A judgement call does not necassarily reflect you, but how others view what you give out. In the end public judgement consists of two things the public, and their view of you.

Reflection- "" Hammered man

I looked at a news article that showed the judgement of the public to his bar. They don't see it as a benefit to the community. In the communities eyes Mr.Hellthaler ( the bar owner) brings negative influences to the community, such as drug dealers, and routy people. With that in mind Mr. Hellthaler went to the court house professing that the town was against him and he was not guilty of any wrong doing to take away his bar that he has owned for at least 18 years.

Political Imagination

Political Imagination to me is, the ability to take a regular action, or activity within a community and make it follow some political regimens. When I think political imagination I think govenor or school representative. A govenor, and a school representative take all of the observations and thoughts of a large community and analyse them to create a short specific announcement in a political setting. So in my mind they inbody the thought of political imagination because of their actions in the goverment.

In an article I found online, it showed an issue a student was having at school with the internet. Students that have grown up around technology have found ways to overide, hack, and simply outsmart the filters and blocks that school put on computers. The faculty have decided instead of punishing these children and putting things on their records, they have decided to make them tell them how they did it. To me they have used their governmental rules in their favor, by being creative and creating a solution to theire political problem.

Public Dialouge

At first glance my thouht of public dialouge is speaking out to an audience. With that in mind I believe my speech class with Mr. Mckenny is a perfect example of public dialouge. Not do we speak in front of an audience but we, speak in front of an audience that we know, that includes teachers. To me this is more difficult than speaking in an auditorium of people that I don't know, because they seem to be more critical, and you have to talk to them after you finish. My point is although my speech class is not exactly public, it is more difficult and pronounced than speaking to an unknown (public) mass of people.


Building Social Capital

When I think of Building Social capital, I think creating realationships,to create a community. The first thing that comes to mind is the PSEC Road Crew. Their mission is to relate our school to other people, and create a relationship with them so strong that it makes them want to go to our school. I believe that this is an example of building social capital, because as I listen to Mary( a school advisor at PSEC) she stated that building social capital is- bonding, creating a web connecting to others, and building a bridge. I hope that using the PSEC Road crew is a great example of analying the true definition of building social capital.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Public Judgement and Political Imagination

Public Judgement
General Hyaden was one of the directors of the CIA to accept the illegal survellance of civilians. This was found faulty in the eyes of the public for obvious reasons. There were 3 other directors of the CIA that were asked to step down because of there unfavorable judgements that effected the public negatively.
I myself have found negative political judgement within my math class. In Math 107 we were discussing which method of voting we should choose. I said I would like one method on my behalf but when the other 7 found something else the people who had chosen the same choice with me had to go along with majority.

Political Imagination

Bush has a creative way of solving our border and illegal immigration problem, making it legal. Well I can see how this can be beneficial and unhelpful to our community. On one side it will make many operations documented and regulated better. It also gives illegal operations a loophole out of there illegal operations. It increases immigration, and takes away american jobs.

Friday, May 12, 2006

mediation/creative conflicts -

I believe that talk shows are a perfect example of mediation, these talk shows except for jerry springer, show how personal conflicts can be controlled and discussed. In this situation Montel shows how this womans action of vallant love, have had an awful affect on her life. Even though this topic would not be usually expressed and discussed on this show, with a host somehow these people find the courage to speak out difficult subjects, because of how the mediator makes the people having the conversation feel safe and honored when they begin to speak. A perfect example of a great medeator is Oprah she has made a living off of this. I have decided to use Montel, because he spoke about her sensitive subject.
( click on link to view brief clip)

Every year dozens of women are sent to prison for crimes they didn’t commit. These women have all been found guilty of failing to protect their children from men who abused them. Despite the fact that these women had nothing to do with the deaths of their children, they are, nonetheless, behind bars. A debate is raging between both sides of this controversial issue, with the fate of these women hanging in the balance. Do they deserve to be locked up? Or are they themselves as much a victim as their unfortunate children? Today, we’ll have an exclusive behind-bars interview with Linda, a woman convicted of her daughter’s death, despite the fact she didn’t inflict the wounds that killed her. She’s already served 26 years of her sentence. We’ll also meet Bethany, her surviving daughter, forced to live her life without her mother, and with the loss of her younger sister. We’ll also talk to former MONTEL guest and women’s prison advocate, Gloria Killian. Gloria was wrongfully sent to jail for 16 years before being exonerated. She is here to speak in Linda’s defense. Also joining us is Attorney Mike Paranzino, from “Throw Away The Key.” He is here to discuss the legal aspects of Linda’s case. Mike says that Linda was rightfully convicted and that she should serve out her entire sentence.

Brief desription below
Linda (On tape from California Institution for women) Convicted of her daughter’s death despite the fact she didn’t inflict the wounds that killed her Bethany Linda’s surviving daughterGloria

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Articles I found


Negotiation skills are important in every day aspects of life. This is something even the government realized is sequential to mediate important issues. So who better to aquire these skills than the world trade center? That’s right the government is looking up to the WTO for negation skills.

Political imagination

Politicians find that public schools continue to fail in educating students. Two states recently have decided to take away local control over school system. It is then governed by the state. I think this change with political action may be more of a hinderance than a solution. I think the best way to help this is to find ways in which education has worked and implement that in all classrooms.


Diversity is celebrated in America. It is recognized today as an accomplishment. Diversity to have a list, of who has more of it is a good and a bad thing. From a good perspective this shows that we have at least 50 companies that allow different minorities within it. From a bad perspective, you have to question why should diversity have a rating. With this rating of only 50 businesses of diversity, and a grand total of 50 states. That’s quite like saying one state has one truly diverse company.
The top five if you were wondering are:

  1. Verizon
  2. Consolidated Edison Co. of NY
  3. The Coca-Cola Co.
  4. Health Care Service Corp.
  5. HBO